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Bracelet Adjustment Policy

It's important that your watch fits your wrist comfortably and looks great at the same time. Leather strap watches tend to fit without a problem for most wearers. However, watches fitted with metal bracelets often need adjusting to get the perfect fit. This is generally a very simple procedure. We can do this for you, or you can get the watch adjusted for FREE at your local Goldsmiths store - please read our instructions below:

Option 1. Specify your wrist measurement and we will adjust it before being sent

When purchasing a watch which has a metal bracelet with adjustable links, we will gladly adjust the watch bracelet to fit your wrist before sending the watch to you - free of charge*.

Simply type your wrist measurement (in inches or centimetres) into the Notes section of the checkout and we will ensure the watch bracelet is adjusted accordingly before being sent. We will also include all the surplus links with the watch.

You can measure your wrist with a piece of string which you can measure against a ruler. You should allow about half a centimetre (1/4 inch) of slack to prevent it being too tight on arrival.

In the event of you needing an extra long wrist measurement which requires an extension to the original watch, we must obtain extra links from the manufacturer, and in this event we will contact you to inform you of any possible delays or applicable charges.

Watches with bracelets adjusted by The Watch Hut or Goldsmiths are still eligible under our refund policy.


If it fits out the box, great! Otherwise, you can have it adjusted at your local Goldsmiths store. Goldsmiths have over 100 stores in all major shopping centres and cities. Simply take the watch into the Goldsmiths store with your Watch Hut receipt and have it adjusted free of charge. At busy periods of the year you may be asked to leave your watch with the Goldsmiths team in order for them to complete the adjustment. The service at Goldsmiths will not be available on 26th and 27th December.

You can have your watch adjusted by a third party (not Watch Hut or Goldsmiths), but please note that once the bracelet has been adjusted by a 3rd party, the watch is no longer eligible for our refund policy. Be sure that the watch is to your liking before getting it adjusted by a 3rd party.

In the event that you personalise your watch (e.g., by having the rubber, leather or silicone strap changed or shorted), your purchase will not be eligible under our returns policy.